My name is Andrei Robu. I’m a brand designer and artist, specialized in type lettering and illustration.

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Based in Bangkok (Thailand) / Bucharest (Romania).

Founder of:
Designers Go To Heaven

Interviews on:

Workspiration, Typostrate, One minute with, YCC.

Client shortlist:

Bloomberg, Nike, Stella Artois, The Golden Globes, Jordan, Dailies, Exxon, Mastercard, Toyota, Aggressive, Wired, Aarp Magazine, Vodafone, Nestle, VISA Epos, ESPN, The Coca-Cola Company, Burn, Fanta, Sprite, Groupe Renault, Hiscox.

Agency experience:

Orange, GE Money, Indesit, Hotpoint – Ariston, P&G, Bonux, Tide, Wella, Always, Chevrolet, Bergenbier, The Practice, Starcom Worldwide, Prigat, Western Union..

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Press & Books

Typism Book 2013

1000 More Greetings by Aesthetic Movement and Quayside Publishing – Rockport

New Modern Type  - by Steven Heller and Gail Anderson.

Logology®2 – Victionary

Playful Type 2 – Die Gestalten Verlag GmbH & Co.KG

Los Logos 5 – Die Gestalten Verlag GmbH & Co.KG


Selected A – Graphic design from Europe –

New Illustration with Type book by Martin Dawber, July 6th 2010 worldwide publication date.

New Ornamental Type, Decorative Lettering in the Digital Age by Steven Heller & Gail Anderson. Published by Thames & Hudson. Interview – published April 25, 2010

Computer Arts – 114 new pro tips for type

Computer Arts – # 154 – The New Art Type

Computer Arts – #151 – Exposure

Campaign – Interview about freelancers in advertising.

Campaign – The specialist review about packaging.

Media & Advertising – Illustration in advertising.

Talks & Art shows

The Skateboard Art Show “Ne placa ce faci” – (Collective exhibition, May 2007)

GRA Nations World Graphic Tour -(Collective Exhibition, Nov 2009)

“Mission Tendances”, video interview for a Groupe Renault documentary. (2010)

Speaker at Visual Playground. (2010 and 2013)

Speaker at the University of Fine Arts “G. Enescu”, Iasi, Romania. “How to make it as a designer” (2012).

The Skateboard Art Show “Ne placa ce faci 2″ – (Collective exhibition, December 2012)

“Romanian Design Week” – Graphic design show (Collective exhibition, May 2013)

“26 Letters by The Type Collective” at Imbold Gallery, Bucharest (Collective exhibition, November 2013)

Speaker at “Behance Portfolio Reviews, Bucharest” – (May 2013)

Although I gained a BA in graphic design, I consider myself to be self-taught. I’ve always been fascinated with the exploration of new shapes and new typefaces. Essentially, I’ve never quit doing typography ever since I learned how to write. It later evolved in graffiti, tattoos and towards digital.

I work with simple materials, normally starting with pencil and paper. Once these are combined, there follows a lot of thought. It’s this combination between the process and the study that directs everything towards shape. It may mean deconstructing classic typefaces. When reconstructing them, I always search for new ways they can be improved.

Typography will continue to evolve as the mainstream embraces it. Good type will always outrun trends and time.

My advice to young creatives is do what you feel and don’t mind the trends around you. Keep experimenting. One can never know the real value of what you’ve just done. Don’t be afraid of saying what you think. Find out what distracts you and eliminate it. Simplify.

“Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working.”