Type Lettering & Logos

Salute the reuser

For KeepCup.

Color Overdose!

Do what you love and love what you do!


Breast milk packaging, for an art show called

“Consumerism is the new totalitarism”.

Ho Ho Ho

Hope you’ve been good. (Grab a print)

Symbols & Logos

Designed in 2012 for various clients.

Aha Yeah!

“It’s all about the ligatures baby” lettering. Get it  from the shop.


Lettering for the Typegoods shop.

Wow Nice Work

The truth is your work sucks. My contribution to the Daily Dishonesty blog.

New York, New work

New lettering additions to the shop. You can buy these as t-shirts, iPhone cases or tote-bags. Check it!

Stay Analog

Sincere typographic advice.

Yeah Type

New typographic poster up in my shop. Click and buy!


Be sure to check out Calligraphi.ca All about calligraphy and hand drawn type.


Title lettering for DoR magazine.


Lettering work for Typeverything’s Facebook page.

Do Good Work

Script lettering.


Logo for a temporary tattoos brand.


Steampunk typography. Available as a print here.

Say Hello To My Little Friends

If you love typography grab it in the shop.

Logos & Marks

A few ones over the years.


About Life & Death: Hand drawn calligraphy for a poster. Buy it.

Lettering 3

Type lettering for different projects.

Different scripts

..and wishes.


Stuff you can buy. Get it here.

Mothers in Arms

Title proposals for AARP mag.


Identity and communication materials for an exclusive image store in Bucharest.

PZP Titlecases

Titlecases for the PZP Architecture newspaper.


But old is everything.


Now you know what I did last winter.


Drop caps and font specimens I’m working on.


For a romanian band with the same name.

Typographic Design

Cover for the In-Depth Feature: Typographic Design. Advanced Photoshop Magazine Issue 75.

PZP Newspaper

Layouts and titles for the PZP newsletter serving as their printed portfolio.


Examples of lettering work.

Robu Bold Typeface

I’ve been working on this for a while now.
This is the first version.


Aarp Numerals. A deviation from the original Robu Bold.

Old Printed Style

Lettering with a vintage touch.


Lettering work for “Vara asta este ZU” , “Vara” means summer. The can is 3d by the friends at kinostudio.ro

Origami Typeface

A handset typeface inspired by the origami culture.


Typography for the 2008 XGames preview by ESPN Magazine. It was the first time I used my Trick Typeface.

Trick Typeface 2

Version 2. The lower cases.


Since my love for lettering started when I was a little kid doing graffiti, I felt I need to post a few of theese.

GRA Nations

My poster for the NATION world graphic tour | European Session. The expo took place in Rome, Italy, on November 27.